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Wed, 8th
Aug 2012

Jaqueline Carvalho is a Brazilian volleyball player. She is born on the last day of the year 1983 – 31 December.

The hot Brazilian play as wing spiker. She is one of the leaders in the Brazil National Volleyball Team, which won the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, along with a solid number of medals from FIVB World Grand Prix and other competitions. Carvalho has also won some individual awards during her career, including Best Receiver (2006), and Best Spiker (2010).
Jaqueline Carvalho
Jaqueline Carvalho
Jaqueline Carvalho photoJaqueline Carvalho photosessionJaqueline Carvalho
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Mon, 10th
Nov 2008

Valeriya Korotenko (born 1984) is a Volleyball girl from Azerbaijani. She is very tenacious player and very good defender.

Valeriya Korotenko was awarded the best European libero of 2005.

Valeriya Korotenko model pictures:

Mon, 22nd
Sep 2008

Kim Glass, 24, is a Volleyball girl from USA. Her full name is Kimberly Glass.

Glass is playing in the club of Fenerbahçe and also for the U.S. National volleyball team. With this team Kim Glass won the silver medal at Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Kim Glass

Kim Glass in interesting poses… looks like a spider that will jump and eat you ;)
Kim Glass

Kim Glass

Kim Glass volleyball
Kim Glass volleyball Kim Glass Kim Glass

Kim Glass

Thu, 21st
Aug 2008

We can call Logan Tom a real volleyball girl – she is both volleyball and beach volleyball player.

Logan Tom is born in California, USA, but currently she plays for the russian team Dinamo Moscow.

Logan Tom

Logan Tom beach

Logan Tom volleyball

Logan Tom
Logan Tom Logan Tom Logan Tom

Logan Tom playing indoor volleyball with the Women’s National team of the United States:
Logan Tom

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