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Fri, 21st
Feb 2014

Sanna Luedi is a Swiss ski cross athlete born 1986 in Baden, Switzerland.

Had previously tried ballet and ice hockey, Sanna started skiing in the alpine disciplines. However, she later switched to freestyle skiing and completed her first World Cup race in ski cross in 2009.

At her first Olympic Games (2010 Vancouver), Sanna Luedi ranked 35th. With much more ambition and improved skills, the beautiful Swiss is looking forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Sanna Luedi - ski cross

Sanna Luedi
Sanna LuediSanna Luedi photoSanna Luedi photo
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Tue, 11th
Feb 2014

Dara Howell is a Canadian slopestyle skier. She is born 1994 in Huntsville, Ontario.

At her first Winter Olympics – the Games in Sochi, 2014, Dara won the gold in Women’s Slopestyle discipline. The young Canadian took advantage of favorite Kaya Turski‘s dissapointing performance, and made a really great final jumps, scoring an oustanding score of 94.20 pts. Thus she became the first ever Olympic gold medalist in Women’s slopestyle.

Dara Howell

Dara Howell - slopestyle skiing
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Tue, 11th
Feb 2014

In Sochi 2014, the Women’s Ski Slopestyle discipline makes its debut to the Winter Olympic Games. This also brings some new champions, and the biggest favorite here is Kaya Turski. She is born 1988 in Montreal, Canada.

Kaya is four-time slopestyle champion in the Winter X Games. She also holds the record of highest ever slopestyle score: 96.66. As of 2014, seems like only her knee problems can stop her to win the Gold at the Winter Olympics in Sochi…

Kaya Turski

Kaya Turski - slopestyle
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Sun, 14th
Feb 2010

Lacy Schnoor is an American freestyle skier. At the moment she is 24 years old, born June 12, 1985, in Salt Lake City. Competed since 2003, Lacy is now part of the US team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her best finish at the Freestyle World Ski Championships is the 7th place in the aerials at Inawashiro, 2009.
Lacy appeared in Salt Lake Magazine last year, and now she just posed to Sports Illustrated for her first time. Not a favorite for a gold medal, but definately a favorite for men’s hearts!

So here she is – Lacy Schnoor for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit…

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