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Sun, 12th
Jun 2016

Besides the Olympic Games in Brazil – which we can’t wait to cover, this summer also offers another great sports event. A football one. Yeah, we’re talking about the UEFA EURO 2016 which is held in France. And while it’s not the kind of tournament with any female teams or athletes, certainly there will be many football girls and fans… The EURO2016 Girls :-)

Honestly, EURO 2016 is far bigger event than the football tournament at the Summer Olympics. It definitely got our attention, and we believe you won’t be disappointed from the huge collection of football girls going to EURO 2016. Enjoy the most attractive side of the game with EURO 2016 – your beauty guide to the EURO2016 in France!

EURO 2016 Girls

Mon, 22nd
Feb 2010

Isabelle Delobel is a French Dance Skating girl.

She is skating in the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada with here partner Olivier Schoenfelder with the self-confidence of 2008 World Champions. Currently they are on 6th place after the Compulsory and Original Dance.

Fri, 26th
Sep 2008

Christine Arron is a girl from France. She is a track and field sprint athlete and many consider her the fastest legal runner of all time.

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