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Fri, 14th
Feb 2014

Gabriela Soukalova is a Czech biathlete. She is born 1989 in Jablonec – a small town which is also a mountain resort. Gabriela started her biathlon career in 2005 under the influence of her mother Gabriela Svobodova – a former cross-country skiier and Olympic medallist.

Gabriela Soukalova is representing the Czech Republic at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which is her second Olympic appearance after the Games in Vancouver.
Gabriela Soukalova

The most interesting of all is that Gabriela Soukalovasings! She have a wonderful voice and for sure is not only the best singer in biathlon, but also the best biathlete among singers!
Gabriela Soukalova singing
Gabriela Soukalova singGabriela Soukalova singGabriela Soukalova photo
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Tue, 11th
Feb 2014

Darya Domracheva is a biathlete from Belarus. She is born 1986 in Minsk, then Soviet Union. Domracheva is Olympic medalist from two consecutive Winter Olympics – in 2010 Vancouver, and in 2014 Sochi.

Back in the days, Darya started with cross-country skiing but later switched to biathlon. Another interesting facts about the beautiful Belarusian: she hates hearing her name being pronounced wrong; she would love to drink coffee with her main rival over the years Mangalena Neuner; she used a camera to make a 50 minutes movie about herself, her teammates, and the life of professional athletes.

Darya Domracheva

Darya Domracheva photo
Darya Domracheva photoDarya Domracheva - photo shootDarya Domracheva photo shoot
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Wed, 17th
Feb 2010

Magdalena Neuner is a German biathlete. She is currently one of the biggest names in this sport. Magdalena, born February 9, 1987, started biathlon when she was 9 years old and made her debut in the World Cup in 2006. Neuner made her first steps to becoming a legend in season 2007-2008, when she became the youngest Overall World Cup winner in the history of biathlon. Breaking the records continued in 2008, when she won three titles and became the youngest six-time world champion.

At the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Magdalena Neuner has won a gold medal (in the pursuit) and a silver one (in the sprint race).

Magdalena with her silver medal from the sprint race, Vancouver, 2010.

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