Meet Eve Muirhead, Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton and Lauren Gray. This is the Great Britain’s Women’s Curling Team – one of the youngest and most promising teams in curling!

After the Russian Women Curlers did a real breakthrough in Sochi and made everyone talk about curling, it’s time for Britain’s to show what they have! These beautiful ladies are not only the face of curling but also an Olympic bronze medalists from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!
Great Britain's Women's Curling Team

Anna Sloan and Eve Murihead of Breat Britain

Eve Muirhead
Eve Murihead - Great Britain's curling

Eve Murihead - curling

Anna Sloan
Anna Slona - Great Britain's curling
Anna Sloan - curling

Vicki Adams
Vicki Adams - Great Britain's curling
Vicki Adams - curling

Claire Hamilton
Claire Hamilton - Great Britain's curling

Lauren Gray
Lauren Gray - Great Britain's curling

Great Britain's Women's Olympic Curlers