Gracie Gold is an American figure skater born 1995 in Newton, Massachusetts. Her birth name is Grace Elizabeth Gold. As of 2014, she is considered one of the most gifted and promising figure skaters in USA. Gracie meets these expectations describing herself with a three words: fearless, fun and organized.

You might think Gracie Gold is too hot to be real, but guess what – there is another one Gold-like girl! This is Gracie’s twin sister, Carly, who is 40 minutes younger and also competes in figure skating.
Gracie Gold - USA

At the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Gracie Gold already won bronze in the team event, but now all eyes are on the Ladies Program
Gracie Gold
Gracie Gold photo shootGracie Gold - photo shootGracie Gold hot

Gracie Gold - figure skating

U.S. figure skater Gracie Gold won her first Olympic medal in the games in Sochi, 2014, where Team USA took the bronze in the team event.
Gracie Gold at Sochi 2014

Gracie Gold (left) and Ashley Wagner (right) from Team USA celebrate their bronze at the 2014 Sochi Olympics:
Gracie Gold - Sochi 2014
Gracie Gold - Sochi 2014Gracie GoldGracie Gold - figure skating

Gracie Gold
gracie-gold_04Gracie Gold feetGracie Gold hot

Gracie Gold - figure skating