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Snowboarding is a winter sport in which the competitors descend a snowy slope, using a snowboard (board, similar to a very wide ski) attached to their feet. It has been one of the newest Olympic sports, part of the Winter Olympics since 1998. Some of its disciplines are even younger, making a debut in 2006 and 2010.

Although hidden behind helmet and equipment, Snowboarding girls are pretty hot! They’re also a bit crazy, living on the edge.

Sun, 16th
Feb 2014

Eva Samkova is a Czech snowboarder born 1993.
Eva started her career in the freestyle disciplines, but due to injures switched to snowboard cross. In this same discipline Eva Samkova won the Olympic gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. She dominated from the qualifications to the final, and her phenomenal performance didn’t meet any real contestants!

The beautiful Czech’s tell-tale sign during competitions is a drawn moustache. :)
Eva Samkova - Sochi 2014

Eva Samkova - snowboard
Eva Samkova photoEva SamkovaEva Samkova
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Sun, 16th
Feb 2014

Lindsey Jacobellis is an American snowboarder born 1985 in Stratton, Vermont, USA. She is one of the most decorated athletes in the Snowboard cross.

Despite the fact she has won so much in snowboarding, the Olympic gold is still unreachable for Lindsey. The American failed in her both participations in 2006 and 2010. The most interesting case is from 2006 Turin Olympics. In the Snowboarding cross final, she had a huge lead over the second Tanja Frieden. Just before the finish, Jacobellis – who at that time was simply enjoying her race – performed unnecessary method grab. In result she fell and was passed by Frieden, but at least recovered and took the silver medal.

Lindsey Jacobellis - snowboarding

Lindsey Jacobellis - USA
Lindsey Jacobellis photoLindsey Jacobellis photoLindsey Jacobellis - hot
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Sun, 9th
Feb 2014

Jamie Anderson is a snowboarder from USA. She is born and raised in Lake Tahoe – a beautiful and freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada, surrounded by mountains and brethtaking landscapes. This formed her worldview and strong relation to the nature.

Despite her youth, Jamie is already one of the best female slopestyle snowboarders in the world, combining talent and unique style.

In her first Olympic Games at Sochi, Russia, she won the gold medal in the slopestyle!

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson - Sochi 2014
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Sun, 9th
Feb 2014

Anna Gasser is an Austrian snowboarder who competes in the slopestyle discipline. She is born 1992 in Villach – the seventh-largest city in Austria.

Anna is the first ever female snowboarder to perform a “Cab Double Cork 900”, or in human words – double salto backwards with a half-turn.
She also impressed in the qualification round at 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, showing the best result of all.

Born: 16 August 1992
Height: 1.68 m (5’6″)

Anna Gasser

Anna Gasser - Sochi Olympics 2014
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