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Sun, 28th
Mar 2010

These are the hottest girls of the latest Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. You can find Part 1 here.

What do you think, who’s your favorite, who’s missing? Let us know! Feel free to send names and pictures.

10. Chemmy Alcott
17 (born 1982) – Great Britain – Alpine skier

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9. Kiira Korpi
21 (born 1988) – Finalnd – Figure skater

8. Liudmila Privivkova
23 (born 1986) – Russia – Curler (skip)

7. Carmen Schaefer
29 (born 1981) – Switzerland – Curler

6. Julia Mancuso
26 (born 1984) – USA – Alpine skier

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5. Allison Baver
29 (born 1980) – USA – Short track skater

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4. Oksana Domnina
25 (born 1984) – Russia – Figure skater (ice dancer)

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3. Tina Maze
26 (born 1983) – Slovenia – Alpine skier

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2. Tanith Belbin
25 (born 1984) – Canada – Figure skater (ice dancer) competing for USA

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1. Kim Yu-Na
19 (born 1990) – South Korea – Figure skater

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Wed, 24th
Mar 2010

Here it is – Vancouver’s final countdown! We’re glad to present you 25 of the hottest girls of 2010 Winter Olympics.

Divided into 2 parts, here are women from 25th to 11th place. Enjoy!

25. Noelle Pikus-Pace
27 (born 1982) – USA – Skeleton racer

Noelle Pikus-Pace - skeleton

24. Shannon Szabados
23 (born 1986) – Canada – Ice hockey player

23. Meghan Agosta
23 (born 1987) – Canada – Ice hockey forward
Meghan Agosta - ice hockey

22. Carolina Kostner
23 (born 1987) – Italy – Figure skater

21. Kimiko Zakreski
26 (born 1983) – Canada – Snowboarder
Kimiko Zakreski - snowboarding

20. Lacy Schnoor
24 (born 1985) – USA – Freestyle skier
Lacy Schnoor - Freestyle skier
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19. Hege Bokko
18 (born 1991) – Norway – Speed skater
Hege Bokko - speed skating

18. Magdalena Neuner
23 (born 1987) – Germany – Biathlete
Magdalena Neuner - biathlon
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Sun, 7th
Feb 2010

Five days to go. Get ready for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and for another great session of Olympic Girls and hot pictures! :)

This is the LOGO of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics:

Katie Hoff

Sat, 11th
Oct 2008

Katie Hoff is an American swimmer. Her full name is Katherine.

She is a very capable and universal swimming girl, competeting in all distances between 200m and 800m freestyle.

Katie Hoff was the youngest athlete in the US team during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. At Beijing 2008 Olympics the 19 years old Hoff won 3 medals.

Katie Hoff

Katie Hoff Katie Hoff, USA Katie Hoff

Katie Hoff

The Family picture ;) Katie Hoff, Caroline Burckle, Alisson Schmitt & Natalie Coughlin:

Katie Hoff, Caroline Burckle, Alisson Schmitt and Natalie Coughlin

Some more pictures of Katie Hoff with her friend Natalie Coughlin

Katie Hoff and Natalie Coughlin Katie Hoff, Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin Katie Hoff and Natalie Coughlin at the pool

Katie Hoff starting

Katie Hoff swimming Katie Hoff Katie Hoff (USA) swimming

Katie Hoff swimming

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