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Sun, 21st
Feb 2010

Allison Baver is an Ice Skating girl from USA. She is born September 11, 1980 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Baver compete in short track.

She has been one of America’s best female short-track skaters since 2002. Baver was the U.S. national champion in 2006-2007 and also finished 8th overall at the 2007 World Championships. In the season 2005-2006, she was ranked 3rd in the World Rankings.

At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Baver finished 8th in the Women’s 500m competition. At this year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Allison Baver performed a bit disappointing, however, she’s still one of the hottest short track skaters!

Sun, 14th
Feb 2010

Kalyna Roberge, 23, is a Short track girl from Canada. She is born 1986 in Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon, Quebec. Kalyna is one of the best Canadian short track speed skaters at the moment. Down the years she has won a gold medal in the 3000m relay at both 2005 World Championships and World Cup event in the Netherlands, and another one in the 500m at 2005 World Junior Championships.

At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Kalyna Roberge placed 4th in the 500m, and also won a silver medal in the 3000m relay. Now she is part of the Canada team in 2010 Vancouver Olympics and already qualified for the 1/4 Finals in 500m!

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