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Handball is a team sport, played between two teams using a ball. Handball combines both football and basketball, but still it’s a very different sport. It is also an Olympic sport, part of the the Summer Olympic Games.

Handball girls were added at the 1976 Summer Olympics and they are all lovely!

Thu, 25th
Sep 2008

Tápai Szabina (left) is enjoying with friend in the pool…

Tapai Szabina

Tápai Szabina (22) is a Hungarian Handball player. She is playing in the national handball team of Hungary with Anita Görbicz.
Tapai Szabina handball

More pictures from the pool – click for full size view:
Tapai Szabina pool

Tapai Szabina pool

Tapai Szabina pool

Tue, 26th
Aug 2008

Anita Görbicz is a Handball player from Hungary. She was chosen for the Best Handball player of the Year 2005.

Anita Gorbicz

Anita Gorbicz handball

Anita Gorbicz

Anita Gorbicz
Anita Gorbicz Anita Gorbicz - Handball Anita Gorbicz
Anita Gorbicz

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