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Beach volleyball is a team sport, played between two teams using a ball. It is just like the original Volleyball, but played on sand, and with only two players in each team. Beach volley has been an Olympic sport since 1996, an exclusive part of the the Summer Olympic Games.
Beach volleyball girls are extremely hot, playing on bikini and showing more than just an ordinary sport.

Thu, 21st
Aug 2008

We can call Logan Tom a real volleyball girl – she is both volleyball and beach volleyball player.

Logan Tom is born in California, USA, but currently she plays for the russian team Dinamo Moscow.

Logan Tom

Logan Tom beach

Logan Tom volleyball

Logan Tom
Logan Tom Logan Tom Logan Tom

Logan Tom playing indoor volleyball with the Women’s National team of the United States:
Logan Tom

Mon, 18th
Aug 2008

The hottie of the Brazilian beach volleyball Talita Antunes, part of the Talita Antunes – Renata Ribeiro team.

Sun, 17th
Aug 2008

Beach volleyball girls Renata Ribeiro and Talita Antunes are representing their country Brazil at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics.

Brazilian girls are hot, eh?

Talita Antunes - Renata Ribeiro

Renata Ribeiro - Talita Antunes
Renata Ribeiro - Brazil Talita Antunes - Renata Ribeiro Talita Antunes - Brazil
Click on the pictures of Talita and Renata for full size:
Talita Antunes - Renata Ribeiro

Fri, 15th
Aug 2008

Sara Goller - Germany

Sara Goller is beach volleyball girl, representing Germany at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Her partner is Laura Ludwig. Early today Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig were beaten from the Austrian’s team.

Sara Goller

Sara Goller beach

Click on the pictures of Sara Goller for full size:
Sara Goller Sara Goller Sara Goller beach

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