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Athletics is a collection of track & field sports. It’s the backbone of the modern Summer Olympic Games.

Athletics girls are mostly jumping, throwing, running, walking, or even combining some of these.

Thu, 4th
Sep 2008

Tatiana Grigorieva is a Pole Vaulter. She is born in Russia but is compeeting for Australia. Tatiana is one of the most beautifull sports girls at all times.

Sexy photo shoot of Tatiana.

Sun, 31st
Aug 2008

Susanna Kallur is a Swedish girl, born in New York, USA. She is a sprinter, competing mainly in the short distances with hurdles. This year Susanna Kallur broke the 60m hurdles World Indoor record with time of 7.68s.

Susanna Kallur
Susanna Kallur Susanna Kallur Susanna Kallur pictures

Susanna with her friend and rival too – Lolo Jones
Susanna Kallur - Lolo Jones
Susanna Kallur - Lolo Jones

Susanna Kallur failed at the Olympic Games in Beijing, 2008.
Susanna Kallur
Susanna Kallur - Beijing Susanna Kallur - Beijing Susanna Kallur - pictures

Mon, 25th
Aug 2008

Mauren Higa Maggi is the first brazilian woman to win an olympic gold medal in an individual sport. At the 2008 Olympics she managed to jump as long as 7.04 meters which guaranteed her the gold medal in this event.

Sun, 24th
Aug 2008

Blanka Vlasic is a Croatian High Jumper.

Her personal best jump is 2.07 meters. Only two other women in history have jumped higher than that.

In the 2008 Olympics Blanka Vlasic managed to jump as highs as 2.05 meters which put her on second place.

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