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Athletics is a collection of track & field sports. It’s the backbone of the modern Summer Olympic Games.

Athletics girls are mostly jumping, throwing, running, walking, or even combining some of these.

Thu, 26th
Feb 2009

Erika Prezerakou is a beautiful Greek girl competeting in Pole Vaulting.

Not much known for her, so let the pictures talk!
Erika Prezerakou

Erika Prezerakou
Erika Prezerakou - Pole Vault Erika Prezerakou - Pole Vault Erika Prezerakou - Pole Vault

Erika Prezerakou

Erika Prezerakou is preparing

111 is really interesting number, but the most impressive part here is a little below, dressed in black ;-)
Erika Prezerakou - Pole Vaulter

For final here’s a picture of Erika Prezerakou from a magazine scan:
Erika Prezerakou from Greece

Sun, 30th
Nov 2008

Jessica Ennis is a British girl, competing in the heptathlon.

She was one of the favorite athletes for a medal on the 2008 Olympics, but unfortunately just couple of months before the games she suffered from a fracture in her ankle and wasn’t able to compete in Beijing.

Wed, 8th
Oct 2008

In addition to previous postings, once again the sexiest Olympic Javelin thrower, Leryn Franco, form Paraguay.

KING Magazine named her “The Hottest Olympian”.

Fri, 26th
Sep 2008

Christine Arron is a girl from France. She is a track and field sprint athlete and many consider her the fastest legal runner of all time.

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