Right after the breathtaking opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, we proudly present you more and more of the beautiful side of the sports.
These are the hottest girls at the Olympic Games – 25 of the most beautiful top athletes competing this year. You’ll find a masive household invasion, an athlete from the exotic country of Togo, and even a famous professional violinist! Ha!

Since it’s nearly impossible to decide who is more and who is less, we listed them alphabetically. Enjoy!

Alena Zavarzina – snowboarder – Russia
Alena Zavarzina - snowboard

Alexandra Jekova – snowboarder – Bulgaria
Alexandra Jekova - snowboard

Alexandra Saitova – curler – Russia
Alexandra Saitova - curling

Anna Fenninger – alpine ski racer – Austria
Anna Fenninger - alpine skiing

Anna Sidorova – curler – Russia
Annd Sidorova - curling

Arianne Jones – luger – Canada
Arianne Jones - luge

Ekaterina Galkina – curler – Russia
Ekaterina Galkina - curling

Ekaterina Stolyarova – freestyle skier – Russia
Ekaterina Stolyarova - freestyle skiing

Elena Ilinykh – figure skater (ice dancer) – Russia
Elena Ilinykh - figure skating

Eveliina Suonpaa – ice hockey goaltender – Finland
Eveliina Suonpaa - ice hockey

Gabriela Soukalova – biathlete – Czech Republic
Gabriela Soukalova - biathlon

Gracie Gold – figure skater – USA
Gracie Gold - figure skating

Hege Bokko – speedskater – Norway
Hege Bokko - speed skating

Lara Gut – alpine ski racer – Switzerland
Lara Gut - alpine skiing

Mathilde Petitjean Amivi – cross-country skier – Togo
Mathilde Petitjean Amivi - cross-country skiing

Meeri Raisanen – ice hockey player – Finland
Meeri Raisanen - ice hockey

Rosalind Groenewoud – freestyle skier – Canada
Rosalind Groenewoud - freestyle skiing

Sara Hurtado – figure skater (ice dancer) – Spain
Sara Hurtado - figure skating

Silje Norendal – snowboarder – Norway
Silje Norendal - snowboard

Therese Johaug – cross-country skier – Norway
Therese Johaug - cross-country skiing

Tessa Virtue – figure skater (ice dancer) – Canada
Tessa Virtue - figure skating

Tina Maze – alpine ski racer – Slovenia
Tina Maze - alpine skiing

Tina Weirather – alpine ski racer – Liechtenstein
Tina Weirather - alpine skier

Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn – alpine ski racer – born in Singapore, competing for Thailand
Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn - alpine skiing

Yuna Kim – figure skater – South Korea
Kim Yuna - figure skating

Want more? All right, Here are some honorable mentions: Lolo Jones, Carolina Kostner, Chemmy Alcott, Julia Mancuso, Torah Bright, Hannah Teter, Alyson Dudek

Someone is missing? You’ve got another favorite? Let us know!